Woo, Wow, and Win
“Anyone who wants to get or keep customers would do well to heed the advice in these smart, incisive pages. Service design is an idea whose time has come.” — Marshall Goldsmith, executive leadership coach and author, Triggers and Mojo

Woo, Wow, and Win book cover

Services are experiences.
Experiences are journeys.
Journeys are designed.

Pleasing customers isn’t enough—you must woo, wow, and win them with great customer experience. Service design is the key that unlocks that door. Thomas A. Stewart and Patricia O’Connell offer services businesses clear, practical strategies for designing and delivering those great experiences—an exercise distinctly different than it is for manufacturers.


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“In a world reshaped by cloud computing, smart phones, machine learning, and the Internet of things, two themes cut across all sectors: Everything is digital, and everything is a service. Woo, Wow, and Win shows how any business can use Service Design to capitalize on these trends to engage customers, enlist employees, and delight shareholders.” — Geoffrey Moore, author, Crossing the Chasm and Zone to Win

“For Stewart and O’Connell, service design seems to be something of a missing piece in the puzzle of intellectual capital. Suggesting that it is what unlocks ‘customer capital’ — the asset created when businesses and customers learn to work together — they say that getting service design right creates experiences, trust and transactions that make the company more valuable to its customers and its customers more valuable to it. The way that business seems to be becoming more and more polarized between winners and losers suggests that they might be on to something.” — Roger Trapp, contributor, Forbes Magazine

“This is the book that service business executives have been waiting for. Woo, Wow, and Win shows how to make the connection between strategic opportunity, business design, and customer satisfaction. The principles of service design are the pathway to a more profitable future—and happier customers.” — Ram Charan, advisor to CEOs and boards, author of The Attackers Advantage

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